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A legacy. A tribute. A memory. A story. A life.

Portraits are authentic visual narratives, legacies of the past that convey the lives of those who once left their mark on a world that now belongs to history. Whether monarchs and aristocrats, political leaders, or philosophers, men and women of note, they all share a common denominator: their essence has been captured and immortalized through the gaze and hands of a contemporary artist. Their achievements, aspirations, and personalities have been dissected and reinterpreted as a testimony to their greatness. This project represents the possibility of being part of this historical tradition.

My Mission

I am firmly convinced that lives deserve to be immortalized in a way that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also deeply poetic. Portraits are much more than simple images; they are living legacies, chroniclers of personal history that deserve a special place. To have one's own portrait, or perhaps that of a loved one, is to possess an object that reflects their essence and impact on the world. Seeing their life, achievements, and personality immortalized on canvas is an artistic testimony that transcends time. That is what I seek to make a reality.

The Experience

The First Meeting

The artist will engage in a comprehensive conversation with the collector to determine the atmosphere, narrative, qualities to be represented in the artwork, and the manner in which they will be portrayed.

Creative Framework

The collector will define the size from predetermined options or a custom size. Once this is done, an appointment will be scheduled for the collector to sit for sketches.

The Story Begins

The collector will pose for 1 hour, continuing the exchange with the artist. During this session, the first sketch will be created, serving as the foundation for the artist's work. Having a live sketch is important for the artist to access the subject's personality.

The Work Comes to Life

The artist will start working on the final portrait for the collector, documenting stages of the process. Once the artwork is completed, the artist will deliver it along with documentation of the creative process.

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