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A legacy. A tribute. A memory. A story. A life.

Portraits are much more than simple images; they are living legacies, chroniclers of personal history that deserve a special place. To have one's own portrait, or perhaps that of a loved one, is to possess an object that reflects their essence and their impact on the world. Seeing their life, achievements, and personality immortalised on canvas is an artistic testimony that transcends time. That is what I aim to bring to life.


How it Works:

Step 1: Initial Inquiry: To make an inquiry, click on the "Commission Form" button located at the end of this page. This will redirect you to a Google Form. Please complete the form, and I'll promptly provide you with a quotation. Upon agreement, an invoice for $150 will be sent to book your sitting session.

Step 2: Sitting: A week before our scheduled meeting, I'll send an invoice for 50% of the total cost to begin production. During the sitting session, usually conducted in person, I'll capture the most significant physical and emotional aspects of the subject. This session also includes creating a photographic record for color and atmosphere reference.

Step 3: Production: The production timeline varies, usually spanning 8 to 12 weeks, contingent upon the portrait's complexity. Your portrait will be meticulously crafted in my studio, ensuring attention to detail, quality, and capturing the essence of the sitter.

Step 4: Delivery: Upon completion, the remaining balance will be due before the artwork is shipped. For domestic orders within Mexico, I utilise insured Estafeta standard shipping, with delivery requiring a signature. For international orders, shipping companies will vary by country, with customs forms accurately detailing the artwork's description.

Important Information


To begin, a non-refundable custom design deposit of $150 is required, which will be deducted from the final cost of your artwork. This deposit secures the commitment of the collector and must be completed before the initial sitting session. While I am currently based in Mexico, I frequently travel to the USA and Europe. For commissions from these locations, I will provide my travel itinerary to facilitate scheduling a meeting or first session. All prices include applicable country taxes.

Family Portrait
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